Our arcade consists of over 40 games featuring both standard and redemption. Your kids will love shopping for the latest prizes in our redemption store and you’ll appreciate the ticketless system (no more messy tickets!) and ease of loading, storing and purchasing credits for play.

How It Works
Simply purchase your card and swipe at a game of your choosing. Our system allows for you to purchase and reload your card to accumulate points for terrific prizes and easier game play.

Cards may be loaded with game credits at any server station or kiosk, or simply ask a staff member and we’ll help you out. Cards may also be loaded with any dollar amount, however special bonuses are available:

Purchase        Receive
$10                         40 Credits
$25                         125 Credits (25 Credit Bonus)
$50                         280 Credits (80 Credit Bonus)
$100                      600 Credits (200 Credit Bonus)

Our redemption store allows guests to shop at their leisure and select from a large variety of fun prizes.

About Your Card
When done playing be sure to save your card. Your card holds any unused credits, and unused tickets, so you can redeem for great prizes at a later date.

Daily Specials
For the latest on special offers and discounts related to the arcade, be sure to check out the specials page as these are subject to change.