Bocce is one of the oldest sports in the world. For thousands of years folks have been enjoying this uniquely strategizing game. Now it’s your turn!

Our new patio features two, 60-foot courts available for open and league play.

Open Play, Rates and Availability
Open play is available any time there is not a league.

Bocce is currently available for open play at NO CHARGE. Please check in with a staff member at the bar to pick up the pallino ball and/or to sign in for a court. If busy, play time may be limited to  1/2 hour so others can use the court.

Bocce is available for office parties, large events and other group play where reservations are
permitted. Otherwise it’s first come, first played.

Children are welcome to play bocce, however anyone under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Please note there are no ramps, bumpers or lighter balls for kids. Please keep this in mind when children are wanting to play.

Curious on how to play? Click on the side bar for rules and information.

League Play & Standings
We offer only for-fun-only bocce leagues. Below are details for any upcoming leagues which are NOW REGISTERING. Current league members can find the latest standings here. Standings will be updated within 24 hours of latest match play.

Winter 2019 Leagues

We have a new page for leagues, which can be found here:
On this page you’ll find a list of available leagues and at the bottom and online form which you may fill out and submit. We’ll  contact you to verify receipt.