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2% of each purchase. Every day. For one whole year.

Our goal at Ten Pin Alley is not just to entertain families, but to help families as well. We have partnered with three organizations; each benefiting children and families in need. Our “Heart & Bowl” program is a simple one…with a twist – your help! That’s right, you help us make a difference with every purchase when you decide who receives the 2% of your bill. Whether you’re having dinner, entertaining the kids, booking a birthday party or office party, 2% of the total bill will be donated to one our three partners. You select the one who receives the 2%. There are no additional charges to you bill.

By selecting…

  • Action for Children you’ll help provide free child care referrals, parenting classes, training, coaching and other resources for adults.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio you will be helping children have access to mentoring adults who provide assistance in homework, schooling, and life, plus summer camps and other positive activities for children.
  • Hilliard Food Pantry you will be helping stock shelves for hungry families as well as helping many avoid disconnection of utilities.

Below is information on each organization we’ve partnered with for 2018, and we will be keeping everyone updated on the progress throughout the year in-house, on social media and here on our website. For additional information on each group you may click on their logo and be taken directly to their website.

Action for Children
To transform the lives of children by supporting, empowering and advocating for the adults who make the biggest impact on children’s lives – their parents, caregivers and teachers.

  • Free child care referrals and access to community resources for parents and families
  • Parenting education classes, seminars and workshops
  • Training, coaching and technical assistance for childhood programs and practitioners
  • Child care resources and data for workplace development, public awareness and advocacy

Hilliard Food Pantry
To improve the well-being of our community by providing food and support.

  • A 501 3-C non-profit organization
  • Choice food pantry with items such as canned goods, boxed food, bread, fresh produce and meat and personal care items
  • Provides disconnect prevention with utilities
  • Serves the entirety of the Hilliard School District

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
To improve children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to- one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better; forever.

  • 91% improved or consistently maintained their sense of confidence in having a trusted adult relationship
  • 74% improved or consistently maintained their educational expectations
  • 69% improved or consistently maintained their sense of social acceptance
  • 66% improved or consistently maintained their attitudes toward avoidance of risky behavior

Want to see how they’re doing? Click on “Current Totals” on the left to see how much has been donated. This information is updated monthly. All of us at Ten Pin Alley appreciate your support in helping these deserving organizations. With your help we will make a big impact on helping those in need.

In late 2018 we will be selecting new organizations to partner with. If you know of a deserving group or organization which could greatly benefit from this program please let us know. We will be posting guidelines at a later date. Thank you!