February, 2020 Totals

Our goal at Ten Pin Alley is not just to entertain families, but to help families as well. Our philanthropic program donates 2% of revenue to charity. Each year we partner with 3 charities, and you help decide how that is distributed among our partners. YOUR DECISION MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

How? It’s simple. You select one of our 3 partner charities when you settle your bill. That’s it! Your selection is recorded and EACH MONTH we calculate the totals for each charity and distribute the 2% accordingly. The good news is that you can select a different partner every time you visit. Below are details on 2020’s partners. We are excited to help bring awareness to each of these great organizations and how together, we help make a difference.



Committed to ending the staggering suicide rate plaguing our veterans, active-duty military and first responders. Through an Integrated Intensive Retreat (IIR) program located at ‘Warrior’s Village”, a camp in Newark, OH., volunteers experience a free, non-medical, experiential program designed to begin the healing process. Approximately 290 warriors were served in 2019, and not only did these volunteers show vast improvements, but the benefits of the program also assist in saving marriages and increasing community involvement, but most importantly, transforms the way our heroes live their lives. Online at https://saveawarrior.org/


Poverty: One of the world’s largest problems. Solution: Serving our neighbors who face challenges of suburban poverty. How? By mobilizing the community and extending a hand lifting children and their families out of suburban poverty and by providing resources through education and training. Why? To help end poverty in and beyond the Hilliard community. Cause: We have cutting edge programs that work to help eradicate poverty. What? It begins with serving our K-8 children learning how to run a business that starts with operating their business to our free summer lunch camp to our family ESL program, which includes job-readiness and free legal clinics.

Hope: In 2019, SON Ministries served 1,554 children providing 13,880 meals, which results in 803 families served. It’s true, children can escape poverty with education, and parents can work. This is lifting up and not handing out that will help abolish poverty. Online at https://son-ministries.org/


Columbus Humane is a non-profit animal shelter serving the community through adoptions, animal support services and cruelty investigations. Since 1883 their mission has been to fight animal cruelty, help animals in need and advocate for their well-being. Programs also include foster care, adoption resources and support to Safe Haven; a program which supports victims of Domestic Violence. Online at https://www.columbushumane.org/

Whether dining, bowling or celebrating here with a birthday party or other event, be sure to make your selection and help us make a difference in these organizations this year. Also, be sure to watch for MONTHLY UPDATES, STORIES and more details on each of our partners throughout the year.

Thank you for helping support these great organizations through your patronage.

See the final totals from 2019 with our previous partners; Friends of the Shelter, Families for a Cure and Dot’s Tots Foundation.