Ten Pin Alley, Heritage Golf Club and Crooked Can Brewery have partnered to create a special, one-of-a-kind league. The Hilliard Pin Cup League combines the love of competition and community into one special league where teams compete on both the links and at the lanes.

We are excited to announce the return of the Hilliard Pin Cup League for Spring 2023! This season’s league includes adjustments that will make it more enjoyable, challenging and rewarding for everyone.

League Play: Mondays – 4/10, 4/17, 4/24 and 5/1
League Party: At Crooked Can Brewery. Date TBD

This league features a 9-hole round of golf followed immediately by 2 games of bowling.
4:30pm – 8:30pm: Teams will arrive at Heritage Golf Club for a shotgun 9-hole round beginning at 4:30pm. Once your golfing is completed and scores are turned in, you are to report to Ten Pin Alley for 2 games of bowling.

Additional Regulations:

  • Teams may not pre/post-bowl or pre/post-golf for the week.
  • Any weather issues will be handled as necessary.
  • No subs are permitted.

Golf: 9-hole shotgun (the best shot from each golfer is taken and used). We will be utilizing the front and back 9 courses. Your team will play both courses twice.
Bowling: 2-games. Handicaps will be assessed after the first night. However, “cross-lane” (standard league format) will not be used for bowling. Teams will bowl both their games on the same lane. Practice will begin at 7:15pm for 10 minutes following by the 2 games of bowling.

Teams are 4-person and co-ed (all men, all women or a mix). Maximum of16 teams.

The price is $800 per team. Includes greens fees, cart, bowling (lineage and shoes) and prize fund.


Weekly cash prizes including “Low Golf Score” and “High Bowling Score”, plus:

  • NEW: End-of-season bowling prize fund where every team gets cash back.
    • $1 per ticket (buy as many as you want). Purchase your ticket(s) upon arrival or through the first game.
    • Ticket is drawn during the second game.
    • Person who’s ticket is drawn rolls for a strike in their next available frame. (everybody stops to watch, so no pressure!)
    • If you get a strike you win the pot.
    • If you get 9 pins you win 25% of the pot. The remainder carries over.
    • If you don’t get a strike, the entire pot carries over to the following week. More tickets can be bought the following week, and so on.
    • If no one has won by week 4 we will continue to draw until there is a winner.
  • NEW: Pizza frame. One frame in the second game is selected and if everyone on your team bowls a strike during this frame your team wins a FREE large, one-topping pizza.


Drinks will be available during your time on the golf course and at the alley. Food will also be available at the alley upon arrival. So bring your appetite!

Due to the limited number of spaces available, payment will be required to confirm your spot. You may register by filling out the online form here (scroll to the bottom of the page). You will be contacted about payment which is required within 24 hours of being contacted. If payment is not received we will move on to the next registration. Registrations will be addressed in the order they are received.


Photo Courtesy of Crooked Can Ohio via Facebook