Your workplace may have changed, but what hasn’t is the importance of celebrations. Zoom “happy hours”, virtual birthday parties and other, creative online events were held so that you could continue to “be together” while apart. Well we’re getting back together, and we’re here to help you plan an event that is easy on you, fun for your staff, and memorable for everyone. 

If you’re ready to get started, click here, otherwise here are some ideas to consider to maximize the enjoyment of your staff.

If a large event is a concern to you or your staff, consider multiple, smaller parties instead. Your area will be less crowded and allow an opportunity for those on your team to celebrate more safely. A group of 60 could easily be broken down into three groups of 20, with each group visiting on a different day or at a different time on the same day.

Many of our guests continue to wear masks. While we do not require them to enter, you may inquire about having our staff mask up for your event. Should you need a personal bartender or server for your event please feel free to ask and we’ll do whatever we can to make you comfortable.

If long lines and crowds around a buffet make you uncomfortable, we can split up the food to avoid congestion. This not only reduces the wait for certain items but also divides your group into more manageable sizes.

Don’t forget those on your staff who may be unable to attend. Whether due to health concerns or new responsibilities, if some of your team are unable to attend, a gift card can make a terrific ‘thank you’, and allow them to visit when they’re ready or able.

Getting your group back together has never been easier because space is one thing we have – including two private areas; The Brooklyn Side and our large, covered patio.

According to guest feedback, the #1 BENEFIT of scheduling an event on the Brooklyn Side (pictured below) is PRIVACY. Featuring separate restrooms, a full bar, 8-bowling lanes, seating, and a party room, the Brooklyn Side provides you with an experience free from the distractions of the larger facility, but also allows quick access to everything we offer.

The Brooklyn Side is available year-round and can accommodate up to 100 guests. We often host multiple, smaller events simultaneously in this room, but it is available for private events.


Our large patio may also be used for your event. With over 3,000 square feet and seating for close to 100 guests, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy lunch, dinner, and drinks – with direct access to the main bar.

You won’t be walking a few blocks in the cold to get to your party! Our well-lit and large parking lot offer plenty of space. 

Bowling, laser tag, arcade, a full restaurant, bar, and patio are at your disposal and may be incorporated into your event to provide a fun and memorable experience for your group.

It’s time to party! Download our Special Event Packet here for details about buffets and a more detailed look at your entertainment options. Get started today and fill out our online request form here.

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