It’s Never Too Late

The Last Full Measure opens today in theaters across the US. The film is written and directed by Todd Robinson an alum and current board member of Save a Warrior, one of our three Heart & Bowl partners for 2020.

With a cast including William Hurt, Samuel L Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Ed Harris and Sebastian Stan, the film tells the true story of William H Pitsenbarger’s heroics during the Vietnam War where, as a pararescurer, he saved 60 lives only to lose his own in the one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

Set in 1999, the film highlights his heroics as told through flashbacks and interviews from his fellow soldiers, but also shows the lasting effects of that battle on those who survived. Their struggle to get him recognized 30 years after his sacrifice helped close a painful chapter in their lives – the main mission of Save a Warrior.

Adam Carr, Executive Director – Warrior Village,  notes “(Todd) had been trying to get this film made for a couple decades. After sitting in a seat in our program he went into the studio and walked out with the support to jump start his dream of finally making this movie happen. Todd has a passion for serving our nations Veterans and First Responders and comes back regularly to help with our program.”

The “program” Adam is referring to is called a “Cohort”, a 5-day experiential program where participants disconnect from society and begin the painstaking process together of healing from their experiences as veterans, active-duty military and first responders. In December, Save a Warrior celebrated the service of their 1,000th warrior. One of their two camps is located in Newark, OH where these programs take place.

Writer/Director Todd Robinson said during a recent red-carpet interview that “It took us 20 years to make this film and 32 years for the veterans who he saved to get him the Medal of Honor. William Pitsenbarger gave his life in 1966, and here we are today, in 2020, and we’re still talking about him.”

Early reviews suggest The Last Full Measure is a powerful and timely film. Eric Milzarski of “We are The Mighty”, a site dedicated to celebrating military service with stories that inspire, states in his review: “I can’t recommend this film enough for every veteran, active duty troop, their family, and anyone who’s life has been touched by the actions of these brave men and women.”

We will be learning more about Save a Warrior throughout the year, including their Cohort program. Visit them online at

Throughout 2020 we will be highlighting the diverse services and programs offered by each of our Heart & Bowl partners. Watch for other great stories and updates from each organization on social media. Support this and other programs offered by Save a Warrior by selecting them through our Heart & Bowl program on your next visit to Ten Pin Alley.

~ Andy B.