You’re surrounded by coral reefs that glow in the dark depths. You look up…a giant squid! You may also notice a few fish swimming by and giant octopuses lurk in the corners. Enough sightseeing, it’s time to play!

Mission Details, Rates & Availability
Each mission begins with a briefing on how to play and time to suit up. The 2,000 square foot, two-story arena provides plenty of space for you to play and hide.

Actual playtime is 12 minutes. With briefing and vesting the entire process is approximately 15 minutes.

Mission pricing is Per Person.

Rates: Monday – Thursday and Friday (until 5pm)
$5 for 1 Mission
$8 for 2 Mission
$11 for 3 Mission

Rates: Friday (after 5pm) and Weekends
$7 for 1 Mission
$12 for 2 Mission
$16 for 3 Mission

Laser tag is available during normal business hours. Reservations are not available for laser tag unless part of a birthday party or other scheduled event.
You must register for a mission time at the redemption desk in the arcade. Birthday parties and other events may affect availability on the weekends.

Laser tag is included in some of our birthday parties and may be included as part of an office party or other event.