Yes, we have some rules and policies,  just to help ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience at our family friendly facility.

  • Only food and drinks sold by Ten Pin Alley are permitted in the premises.
  • Appropriate attire is required at all times. Individuals not adhering to dress code guidelines will not be permitted into Ten Pin Alley. The following are specifically not permitted: skateboards, scooters or shoes w/attached wheels. Any hats or caps, clothing or tattoos with objectionable images or phrases. Any evidence of gang affiliation. Torn, solid or soiled clothing.
  • Clothing or tattoos with visible profanity or objectionable art.
  • Loitering and solicitation are not permitted. If you are requesting a donation, please click here.
  • Ten Pin Alley reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Animals/pets are not permitted in the premises. Please contact us in advance if you or your group requires use of a service animal.

Donations and Fundraisers
We like to assist those in need in any way we can. If you are requesting a donation we can often donate gift cards for use in raffles and other fundraising events. Please email us at info(AT)tenpinalley.com. Thank you!

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event with us, please fill out our event form here. We can offer discounted packages featuring a variety of activities from which your group may select, however fundraisers may only be held on certain days of the week and times may be based on availability.

Want to work with a group of folks who love what they do? Love working with the public? Kids? We are always looking for hard working folks who enjoy working with guests, excel at customer service and like to have fun. Download or stop in during regular business hours and pick up an application.

Areas of employment include front of house, servers, bar tenders, cooks, bowl host and others.